Grasshoppers Katydids Crickets

An index of all grasshoppers, katydids and crickets I’ve photographed on this acre. Clickable links are provided as corresponding posts are created.


Differential  (Melanoplus differentialis)
Kiowa Rangeland
Mermiria intertexta  (Mermiria intertexta)
Ponderous Spur-throat  (Melanoplus ponderosus)
Prairie Boopie  (Boopedon gracile)
Short-winged Green
Spotted Bird  (Schistocerca lineata)
Two-striped Mermiria


Bush Katydid  (Genus Scudderia)
Meadow Katydid  (Tribe Conocephalini) … Nymph
Unknown Katydid  (Tribe Tettigoniidae) … Nymph

Crickets and Other

Saltamonte de cuernos largos  (Pediodectes tinkhami)


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