An index of all beetles I’ve photographed on this acre. Clickable links are provided as corresponding posts are created.


Beetle 1 Unidentified  (Order Coleoptera)
Beetle 2 Unidentified  (Order Coleoptera)
Beetle 3 Unidentified  (Order Coleoptera)
Blister Beetle  (Genus Epicauta)
Common Black Ground Beetle  (Family Carabidae)
Convergent Lady Beetle  (Hippodamia convergens)
Dung Beetle  (Family Scarabaeidae)
Eastern Bumelia Borer Beetle  (Plinthocoelium suaveolens)
Eyed Click Beetle  (Alaus oculatus)
Fiery Searcher  (Calosoma scrutator)
Green June Beetle  (Cotinis nitida)
Kern’s Flower Scarab  (Euphoria kernii)
Ladybug Larva 1 Unidentified  (Family Coccinellidae)
Metallic Wood-borer  (Family Buprestoidea)
Seven-spotted Ladybird  (Coccinella septumpunctata)
Spotted Cucumber Beetle  (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)
True Weevil 1 Unidentified  (Family Curculionidae)


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