Ants Bees Wasps

An index of all ants, bees and wasps I’ve photographed on this acre. Clickable links are provided as corresponding posts are created.


Red Imported Fire Ant  (Solenopsis invicta)
Ant 1 Unidentified  (Family Formicidae)


Mason Bee  (Genus Osmia)
Honey Bee  (Apis mellifera)
Bee 1 Unidentified  (Superfamily Apoidea)


Blue Mud Dauber (Chalybion californicum)
Blue-winged Wasp  (Scolia dubia)
Braconid Wasp 1  (Family Braconidae)
Digger Wasp 1  (Genus Sphex)
Ichneumon Wasp 1  (Family Ichneumonidae)
Northern Paper Wasp  (Polistes fuscatus)
Paper Wasp 1  (Genus Polistes)
Paper Wasp 2  (Genus Polistes)
Potter Wasp 1  (Genus Euodynerus)
Potter Wasp 2  (Genus Euodynerus)
Red Wasp (Polistes perplexus)
Spider Wasp  (Entypus unifasciatus cressoni)
Spider Wasp Unknown 1  (Family Pompilidae)
Velvet Ant  (Dasymutilla klugii)
Wasp 1 Unidentified  (Order Hymenoptera)
Wasp 2 Unidentified  (Order Hymenoptera)


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