Superb Dog-day Cicada

Species: Neotibicen superbus
Family: Cicadidae
Order: Hemiptera
Conservation Status: No concern listed


A Cicada Nymph hatching. July 9, 2012.

I was fortunate enough to catch sight one summer evening. As I walked out the back door, this was happening, attached to the outer door frame.


View from below, toward the face and underside. Jul 9, 2012.

I used a macro lens to capture as much detail as possible.


Top of head. Jul 9, 2012.

I’ve had a few photos of an adult Superb Dog-day Cicada identified with help from people on, so I compared online pictures of that species with this nymph. I see that this nymph has the same features as the adult, only in a less developed stage. This nymph has been identified as far as the same sub-tribe as the Superb Dog-day Cicada, therefore I am making the leap and assuming that this is a nymph of the only cicada species I’ve ever seen here. Technically though, this nymph has not been specifically identified down to species level.


Side view. Jul 9, 2012.

Cicadas are only around during the hottest portions of the summer.


Almost finished. Jul 9, 2012.


Ready for take-off. Jul 9, 2012.

Superb Green Cicada 6-19-12 (1).jpg

Adult Cicada under a piece of plywood. Jun 19, 2012.

The few photos I have of an adult Superb Dog-day Cicada are not ideal. They were taken in the shade in an awkward position, upside down and only from behind. But thankfully they provided enough detail to allow for a specific identification.

Superb Green Cicada 6-19-12 (4).jpg

Same location. Jun 19, 2012.

Superb Green Cicada 7-7-09 (1)c.jpg

Cicada in a tree. Jul 7, 2009.

I caught a rare sight of a cicada in a tree one afternoon. Can you see it? On those really hot, dry, sunny Texas summer afternoons, I can hear the buzz of the cicadas loud and clear, but seeing them is not so easy, especially since their greenness blends in with their surroundings.

Resources For More Information On This Species


Bug Guide

Encyclopedia of Life


2 thoughts on “Superb Dog-day Cicada

  1. Wow!!! Spectacular work!!! I became aware of these creatures when I moved to the high desert of Yucca Valley. I would hear them when the temps would reach a certain degree but I never saw them because they are so alert to the very turning of one's head in trying to locate them. But one day when I was about 28 years old, I was outside my cabin/house with my little girl who was under 2 years old & she pointed to a cicada in a bush near us. I was amazed because I'd never spotted one on my own even though I'd seen their offcast exoskeletons & heard them for so long. My girl is now 27 years old. The cicada was awesomely beautiful.


  2. I enjoy hearing of your encounters Kate. I agree, they are very hard to spot. This one was very lucky since it was attached to the door frame. Other than this, I once saw a cicada on a tree branch because I was looking for things to photograph, and I also happened to see one under a hanging planter on the porch. Almost missed it, they are always so obscure even when they are right next to you.


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