Bladderpod Sida

BLADDERPOD SIDA (Rhynchosida physocalyx)

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Here is a Bladderpod Sida in bloom. They only bloom for a limited part of the morning hours, then close back up for the rest of the day. These plants can thrive in mid-spring through part of the fall, depending on conditions. (19 Sep 2012)

This is what the buds look like. (8 May 2012)

Sometimes the petals look more like a pinwheel shape. (4 Jun 2012)

The fruit (seed) pods look like the flower pods except they hand down. Notice in the 2nd photo above, the flower pods are oriented upward. (19 Sep 2012)

A patch of Bladderpod Sida plants. (21 Jun 2012)

Family: Malvaceae (Mallow)

Alternate common name: Buffpetal

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