3 thoughts on “American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)

  1. Crows are endangered by genetically modified food crops because crows eat bugs attracted by the gmo crops (the gmo crops poison the bugs). So if you want to buy seeds of plants that attract pollinators/bugs, please be sure to share with your friends, family & neighbor that we should all make sure that we purchase from verified non-gmo sources! The problem here is that retailerd are selling the gmo'd seeds and plants without disclosure. This means we need to have all of this verified, instead of innocently presuming. Thank you for your beautiful blog!


  2. Thank you Kate. I agree. On my property I let all the native plants grow and thrive and go to seed. Which means there are also lots of insects and other anthropods that thrive here as well. I only wish I had a larger property in which to foster these natural conditions.


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