House Finch

NAME: House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus)
FAMILY: Fringillidae
ORDER: Passeriformes

Click on any photo to enlarge.

The male is the one with red on its head and upper body, the female is grayish-brown. Both have blurry streaking on their bellies. They reside in West Texas year-round – apparently this property is on the very eastern edge of the range as shown at (2 Mar 2013)

The couple are eating at an egg-carton feeder on my front porch railing. I thought they were adorable how their movements (up and down) were in unison. (2 Mar 2013)

Five days later I caught a shot of a male House Finch perched at a different feeder as an American Goldfinch came in for a landing.

Here are full side views of the female and male House Finch (15 Feb 2013)(17 Feb 2013):

Here is the female frontal view (17 Feb 2013):

The female House finch looks very similar to a Pine Siskin. The Pine Siskin is smaller, has different beak shape, and yellow bars on the wings. The differences don’t always stand out unless you closely observe these characteristics.

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