Greater Roadrunner 2

COMMON NAME: Greater Roadrunner
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Geococcyx californianus
FAMILY: Cuculidae (Cuckoo)

Click on any photo to enlarge. All were taken 22 Jan 2013.

I got some more Roadrunner pictures the other day. I find these birds to usually be pretty difficult to photograph since they are skittish and will take off at any sign of my presence.

I was sitting at my desk and saw movement out the side of my eye. I looked over and saw a Roadrunner walking on the other side of a fence about 15 feet from my window.

I thought “darn, why can’t I ever get photos that aren’t on the other side of a fence?”

Then it hopped up on another section of fence over by the big Elm tree. I love this bird. Its long tail with the white-tipped blue and green tail feathers, its white streaking amidst its green, dark brown and rusty colored feathers, its beautiful face, hefty beak, and soft white underbelly.

Here it has lifted it’s crest up a bit. Not sure why.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this bird was looking right at me.

The Roadrunner is a good-sized bird. Bigger than a Pidgeon, smaller than a vulture. I’ve seen it fly up into our Pecan tree once a couple years back, but that’s the extent of the flying I’ve seen them do. Mostly they walk or run on the ground.

Here’s an uncropped photo. We have the chain-link to keep the dogs in, then there’s the driveway. then another fence the neighbors put up to mark the property boundary. On the other side of that fence is a patch of undisturbed woods (not bothered by people).

It has hung around long enough. Time to hop down and scurry off across the driveway and into the woods.

3 thoughts on “Greater Roadrunner 2

  1. I have a happy road runner memory. When I was 25ish, I lived in Yucca Valley (CA) & we had just built a deck with a glass slider door onto our bedroom side of our house. One morning, I spotted a roadrunner peeking through the glass to look inside. We didn't have curtains up, yet. A very daring & curious creature! That was about 26 years ago. I have happy memories of the high desert.


  2. Good story Kate, thank you. Just a couple weeks ago I came startlingly close to a Roadrunner. I was coming around a tree and it was on the other side of the tree. It hopped up on the fence just several feet away from me and dashed off. I would love to have one come up to my window!


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