Eastern Bluebird

COMMON NAME: Eastern Bluebird
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sialia sialis
FAMILY: Turdidae

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This is a male and female Eastern Bluebird sitting up on an electric wire that leads to a light pole in front of the house.

The male has deeper, brighter colors and a blue-gray head. The female has a primarily gray head, more subdued colors and a distinct white eye-ring that the male doesn’t have.

They landed right about the same time. My sightings of this species are mostly on electric wires. But there are exceptions…

Here is a male in a Post Oak Tree. This is the closest photo I’ve taken of the Eastern Bluebird, But it was through a window on an overcast day. (31 Dec 2012)

Here is a female drinking out of one of my makeshift frog ponds situated among rocks and logs next to a large Post Oak tree next to the border fence. (18 Dec 2012)

A male sitting up on the favorite light post wire. (11 Dec 2012)

The Eastern Bluebird lives in this area year-round. They eat mostly insects and other invertebrates, but also eat wild fruit. I would imagine they perch on wires while they look for insects, since they capture them by swooping down on them from high places.

A female sitting on another wire cocking her head. (13 Dec 2012)

This is a female in a large Post Oak tree just a moment before taking off. (28 May 2012)

Here she is a moment later in flight. (28 May 2012)

Here’s a male that took off just a few moments after. He had been in the tree somewhere near her. (28 May 2012)

The female landed on the wire. (29 May 2012)

An Eastern Bluebird dive-bombing after some food. (6 Jan 2013)

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