Sharp-shinned Hawk

COMMON NAME: Sharp-shinned Hawk
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Accipiter striatus
FAMILY: Accipitridae

Click on any photo to enlarge. All photos taken 17 Jan 2013.

I saw what looked like a small raptor flying over the house. When I began snapping photos, sure enough it was. I took several quick photos before it moved on to other territory.

The Sharp-shinned Hawk looks almost identical to the Cooper’s Hawk. I find it most easy to differentiate the two by the size (Cooper’s Hawk is considerably bigger) and by the flat-edged tail (Cooper’s has a rounded tail).

This hawk is only around this area in the winter-time.

It hunts small birds and mammals while in the area. I’m realizing that it may not be a good idea to place bird feeders out in the open, as this will make the little birds easy prey for small hawks and falcons. I’m going to move my feeders to spots with more cover.

I hope to catch more photos of this little raptor before the season ends.

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