Seven-spotted Lady Beetle

COMMON NAME: Seven-spotted Lady Beetle
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Coccinella septempunctata
FAMILY: Coccinellidae

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Do you see how this Lady Beetle (Lady Bug) has 3 spots on the side? It also has 3 spots on the other side and 1 spot at the front of the red section between the two white dots, for a total of 7 black dots. (3 Apr 2012)

This species is also called “Seven-spotted Ladybird” and “Seven-spotted Ladybug.”

Notice the white dots that look like painted-on eyes. Here, the Lady Beetle is climbing up the stem of a Wild Four O’Clock plant. (4 May 2012)

The Lady Beetle has the coloring it does in order to make itself less appealing to predators. If it’s threatened, it secretes a foul-tasting liquid from its joints as another attempt to repel predators.

It looks like it is feeding from the fruit of the Wild Four O’Clock. I like how it’s little legs grab hold while it is feeding. (4 May 2012)

The Lady Beetle (Ladybug) has been designated the official insect of 6 U.S. States.

The beetle is finished and is beginning to crawl up over the fruit. (4 May 2012)

The Lady Beetle is one of the gardener’s best friends. It feeds mostly on aphids, a great enemy to many gardeners and farmers.

And it is heading up and over and somewhere else. (4 May 2012)

Many have considered the Ladybug to be good luck, especially in the area of romance.

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