Bee Assassin

COMMON NAME: Bee Assassin
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Apiomerus spissipes
FAMILY: Reduviidae

Click on either photo to enlarge. Both photos taken 10 May 2012.

In these photos, two Bee Assassin bugs have attacked a honey bee, and seem to be mating at the same time.

In this first photo you can see a clear view of the back of the Bee Assassin.

This photo shows a clear view of a Bee Assassin face, and also shows the bee that has been attacked.

They are on a flower head of the Antelope Horns plant, which is a milkweed. This is in the full sun area of the property, among many wild-growing native plants and grasses.

3 thoughts on “Bee Assassin

  1. Love the milkweed plants. I have 3 species in all that I know of. I also found out that this particular one is edible to humans even though it has been thought for decades to not be. It had originally been mixed up with a similar plant by Euell Gibbons early in his career and subsequent experts repeated the mistake and continue to do so. I've tried the flowers raw and they taste pretty nice.


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