Greater Roadrunner

COMMON NAME: Greater Roadrunner
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Geococcyx californianus
FAMILY: Cuculidae (Cuckoo)

Click on either photo to enlarge.

This Roadrunner was in my driveway, I had to take photos through my window and through the chain-link fence. I see a Roadrunner here occasionally, but rarely get an opportunity to get a decent shot.

I think this is a very handsome bird. The eyes look almost human. I love the streaking on the neck and chest with its mix of dark brown, rusty and white. And the soft gray below that and the soft beige belly.

In my photos here the crest is lying down on the head, but at times the crest is fully erect.

Notice the long tail feathers, which at the time of this photo were pumping up and down.

This bird either came up my driveway or out of the woods on either side of it. After I went outside to try to get a clearer shot, it disappeared into the woods.

The scientific name for the Greater Roadrunner, Geococcyx californianus, means “Californian Earth-cuckoo.”

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