American Goldfinch

COMMON NAME: American Goldfinch
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Carduelis tristis
FAMILY: Fringillidae

Click on any photo to enlarge.

I think this is a male American Goldfinch in its winter plumage. It landed on a large Wild Spinach plant that grows not far out my kitchen window, from where these first 4 photos were taken. (12 Dec 2012)

Here is the same bird, profile view. My window had a dirt film on it, which fortunately has given these photos sort of an artist’s painting look. (12 Dec 2012)

The rear view offers a fuller visual of the wing and tail feathers, as well as the plumage on its head and upper back. (12 Dec 2012)

I think this photo contains both the male and female wintering American Goldfinches. The male on the top and the female on the bottom. The bird in the upper left is a Pine Siskin, to be featured in a separate post. (12 Dec 2012)

All 3 birds were eating the seeds from the Wild Spinach plant they are perched on.

Here are a couple Goldfinches sitting in a young Elm tree. (23 Dec 2012)

This one came and sat at the edge of a large plastic garbage can filled with rainwater outside the window by my desk yesterday. I imagine it is looking at the water and realizing that it is too low to reach from the edge. (6 Jan 2012)

Looking off to the side, it’s catching a bit of sunlight on its face, showing off its pretty yellow coloring. (6 Jan 2012)

Here is a top view of the head and beak. I think this is a female, but I welcome any comments or corrections if you notice something that says otherwise. (6 Jan 2012)


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