Northern Cardinal (male)

COMMON NAME: Northern Cardinal
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cardinalis cardinalis
FAMILY: Cardinalidae (Cardinals and Grosbeaks)

Click on any photo to enlarge.

I can always count on the Northern Cardinal to provide vibrant color on the property, which primarily hosts brown, black and gray birds.

In addition to the bright red color, the Northern Cardinal is easily recognizable with its black facial marking, its crest, and it’s chunky pink-orange beak. (31 Dec 2012)

Here you see a full, upright tuft on top of the head. (17 Mar 2012)

A profile shot in an Elm tree. (4 May 2012)

This one is eating from the ground on a walking path on a side of the house. You can see some food in its mouth. This photo was taken through the window. (2 Dec 2012)

Here he seems to have been alerted to a noise or a movement nearby. In these ground shots there is a better view of the back and the silver-gray lined wing and tail feathers. (2 Dec 2012)

Here is a lady (female Northern Cardinal) on the ground eating near him. (2 Dec 2012)

A nice view of his rump area. (12 Dec 2012)

Taking off, from behind. (12 Dec 2012)

These remaining 3 photos show a Northern Cardinal sitting on a wire and taking off. (13 Mar 2012)

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