SCIENTIFIC NAME: Callirhoe involucrata
FAMILY: Malvaceae (Mallow)

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Just a glance will give you an idea why this flower is called Winecup. It pretty much reminds you of a cup of wine. (5 Apr 2012)

Here you get a better view of the white center. (5 Apr 2012)

A photo showing the stamens. (11 Apr 2012)

A Winecup bud. (25 Apr 2012)

A Winecup leaf. (25 Apr 2012)

As you can see, the flower grows at the head of a long stem. (5 Apr 2012)

A bottom view of a partially closed flower. You can also see a bud and some leaves. (1 May 2012)

Here you see a blooming Winecup, a couple of spent Winecup flowers, buds and leaves. The yellow flower with the broad leaves in the photo is the Cutleaf (Cut-leaved) Evening Primrose. (29 Apr 2012)

Winecup petals that have been partially eaten. (1 May 2012)

The Winecup grows among other wild plants, many about 1-2 feet high, in a mostly sunny area of the property. (5 Apr 2012)

Here is a broader view of Winecups as they grow on a patch of my property among other natives. (10 Apr 2012)

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