Texas Spiny Lizard

COMMON NAME: Texas Spiny Lizard
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sceloporus olivaceus
FAMILY: Phrynosomatidae

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This first photo shows my best, closest-up photo in good light. Notice the spinyness of the scales, which you can even see on its shadow. Notice also the long toes. If you look real close you can kinda see the sharp claws they use for climbing. The body and legs have a subtle striped design in shades of brownish-red and gray. You can also see the snout, the closed mouth, and a couple of stripes across the face. (14 Oct 2012)

Here is a photo which includes the entire tail. In this one, a butterfly is hanging out with the lizard. They are sitting beside a window on an old, old smokehouse that is now a garden shed on our property. (14 Oct 2012)

This is a Texas Spiny Lizard hatchling using a Woodhouse’s Toad as a hangout spot. Isn’t it the most adorable thing ever? Its body is roughly the size of one of my fingers. (24 Jul 2012)

Here is another view where you can see the toad chillin’ and seemingly content to accommodate this visitor. (24 Jul 2012)

Can you see it? This photo shows how the design of the lizard acts as a camouflage on the kind of trees that are common in the local environment. Here you also see a perspective from a different angle in a different light. You can also see a little bit of a reddish splotch on the back of the neck. If you look close at the head and eyelids, you see a texture, I don’t know what it’s called, similar to the texture/design of a turtle shell. (24 Mar 2012)

In this one if you look at the right eye, you can get a better idea of the shape of the eyelids, which you really can’t see so much in the other photos. (24 Mar 2012)

After that, the lizard scurried around to the other side of the tree headed downward. It looks like it has puffed itself up, perhaps because it feels a bit threatened by me and my camera. It seems to be keeping an eye on me. I don’t blame it…what in the world am I up to with this black gizmo in front of my face, pointed right at it? (24 Mar 2012)

2 thoughts on “Texas Spiny Lizard

  1. This looks very much like the “fence lizard” ( as I remember the name) I would see when I lived in Murrietta (CA). Our cats would hide these in our laundry in the garage & I would find the cooked trophies in the dryer :-/ Lol.


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