Tiny Bluet

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Houstonia pusilla
FAMILY: Rubiaceae (Madder)

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This first photo taken 19 Feb 2012)

Pretty little purplish-pinkish flowers which are not easily seen without stooping down to take a good look. Even stooping will not provide a detailed view as you see in most of the photos in this post, several of which were taken with a macro lens. (22 Feb 2012)

A couple of buds and a newly opened flower. Notice the pointed sepals with the red tips. Note: there are relatively large leaves in the photo which belong to other plants. (22 Feb 2012)

To give an idea just how small this flower is, compare it to my index finger. This flower is probably about the size of my pinky finger nail (not shown). (14 Mar 2012)

This photo gives an idea of what the flower looks like from a standing position. You barely notice it among all the other early young plants sprouting up, unless you happen across a cluster as seen in photo 2 above. (6 mar 2012)

Here is a photo of a full plant: flower, tip of a sepal, stem, basal leaves. (19 Feb 2012)

The Tiny Bluet can vary in height, the tallest one seen here probably about 6 inches, about as tall as they get. Plenty don’t reach that height.

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