Cedar Waxwing

COMMON NAME: Cedar Waxwing
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Bombycilla cedrorum
FAMILY: Bombycillidae

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This couple came and sat on a high branch in one of my large Post Oak trees. From a distance with the naked eye, not being familiar with them, I assumed they were Blue Jays due to the size and I could detect some black facial markings.

It wasn’t until going through these photos yesterday that I realized this was a different bird, one I hadn’t noticed or photographed before.

Cedar Waxwings have a black face mask, a brown body and crest, a yellow belly, bright yellow tail feather tips, and red wing tips. All but the red wing tips can be seen in these photos.

This species winters in my area.

What I find amusing about these birds is the way they are constantly looking around. All birds look around a great deal, but with these I get the impression they are lost, or that they just woke up and are wondering “where are we?” That’s not true of course, but that’s the humorous impression I get when I scroll through these images in a photo viewer.

I hope to see more of these birds this winter. These photos were taken 21 Nov 2012. I don’t think I’ve seen this bird since.

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