Red-winged Blackbird (female)

COMMON NAME: Red-winged Blackbird
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Agelaius phoeniceus
FAMILY: Icteridae

Click on any photo to enlarge

Dark beak, yellowish eyebrow, dark brown streaking on chest and belly, black legs, black eyes.

White, gold and bronze trim on the wing feathers.

About half dozen of these birds were sitting in a medium-sized Oak, near the top of the tree. I was surprised they didn’t fly off when I got fairly close and began snapping photos.

A good view of the tail feathers

A good perch

The females look much different in coloring than the males. The male is all black with a red and yellow patch on the shoulder of its wings.

I’ve yet to see the male on or around my property, it seems that I only see the females. I do see blackbirds off in the distance sometimes, but it’s too far to tell whether it’s the male of this species. I hope to get photos of the males some day.

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