Soft Golden Aster

COMMON NAME: Soft Golden Aster
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chrysopsis pilosa
FAMILY: Asteraceae

A pretty yellow flower not much more than an inch across. It looks very similar to the Sleepy Daisy flower and the Golden Aster. (22 Oct 2012)

The Soft Golden Aster differs from the Golden Aster in the size, shape and fragrance of its leaves, and differs from the Sleepy Daisy in the appearance of its buds and the texture of its leaves. (22 Oct 2012)

In this photo are some seed-heads. The one on the right shows what it looks like after some of the seeds have disbursed. (9 Jun 2012)

Here is a plant that is completely spent, which has died and browned. (16 Aug 2012)

This year I had a few dozen Soft Golden Aster plants growing in the rear of my property where there is full sun. They grew among a look-alike plant, the Sleepy Daisy, and a couple other yellow asters, the Saw-Leaf Daisy and the Golden Aster.

These plants began blooming in late spring, early summer, then died off in the heat of late summer, then began thriving at their peak in early-to-mid fall.

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