Golden Aster

COMMON NAME: Golden Aster
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Heterotheca subaxillaris
FAMILY: Asteraceae

In this photo, a blooming flower and buds. You can also see that the leaves are a bit ruffled and hairy.

Click photo to enlarge

Other common names: Camphor Daisy, Camphorweed

This photo shows almost an entire plant. When you rub the leaves, they feel rough and your fingers come away with a strong camphor fragrance.

There was a small patch of our property where a cluster of these plants grew in full sun. We also had plants with similar yellow daisy flowers: Soft Golden Aster, Sleepy Daisy, and Saw-Leaf Daisy. They began to thrive a bit in early summer, then little activity at the height of summer, then they began to thrive at their peak when the weather cooled off in early fall.

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