White-winged Dove

COMMON NAME: White-winged Dove
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Zenaida asiatica
FAMILY: Columbidae

This photo shows this beautiful bird in flight. You can see the red eye, blue eye-ring, red feet, long black beak, gray, black and white feathers, and some orange-yellow chest coloring.

Sitting on an electric wire between my house and a neighboring field. I’ve snapped many photos of Mourning Doves in the field, but have only photographed White-winged Doves on the electric wires.

Doves are one of my favorite local birds.

It’s significantly larger than the sparrows and most other small birds that perch and feed around my property.

The White-winged Dove’s head and body look to me like they have smooth skin rather than plumage.

This bird’s red eyes helps distinguish it from the Mourning Dove, which has black eyes.

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