6 New Birds Identified 12-11-2012

COMMON NAME: Eastern Bluebird
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sialia sialis
Family: Turdidae

The Eastern Bluebird can live in my area (North Central Texas) all year round, but this property is near the edge of that “all year round” range status. I notice them more in the winter around here. I also observe them much more often on wires than in trees.

Click any photo to enlarge

COMMON NAME: Bewick’s Wren
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Thryomanes bewickii
FAMILY: Troglodytidae

Little brown bird with a light underbelly, a white streak above the eye, long slender beak. This bird darts around a lot, moves very quickly, looking up down, under, around every branch. Very cute.

COMMON NAME: Eastern Phoebe
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sayornis phoebe
FAMILY: Tyrannidae

The Eastern Phoebe has a brown head, black beak, brownish-gray feathers, and a yellowish-gray body. Like many other small birds, I tend to notice them more in the winter.

COMMON NAME: American White Pelican
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
FAMILY: Pelecanidae

Flying from north to south for their yearly migration, these birds have a white body, row of black feathers under each wing, large yellow beak and orange feet. It’s a large bird. Considering how small and distant they are in the photo, I was surprised how much detail I was able to discern about them. The location of the black feathers and the size of the bill were what made these birds easy to identify.

COMMON NAME: Red-Tailed Hawk
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Buteo jamaicensis
FAMILY: Accipitridae

Occasionally see one of these flying overhead, but this is the first time I photographed it. I’ve learned to take my camera with me just about every time I go outside, just in case. With the naked eye, this bird looks like a majestic white beauty. It a joy to get a decent zoom photo to take a look at some finer details. My next goal is to get a photo of one closer to the ground. I’ve only seen one fly relatively close a couple of times, and I’m hoping it’ll happen again.

COMMON NAME: Savannah Sparrow
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Passerculus sandwichensis var. beldingi
FAMILY: Emberizidae

It has a whitish-yellowish streak across the eyebrow, gray and gold feathers and brown streaking on the chest.

Each of these birds were photographed and identified on the same day, yesterday, Dec 11, 2012. Each will eventually get their own bio post on this blog.

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