Northern Mockingbird

COMMON NAME: Northern Mockingbird
TECHNICAL NAME: Mimus polyglottos

Click on any photo to enlarge.

The Northern Mockingbird frequents my property a lot from winter to early summer. I find them to be more cooperative than many of the other birds when it comes to getting photographed.

These first two photos were taken 19 Feb 2012 and are of a Mockingbird that was sitting high atop a large Post Oak tree just behind my house. I think these are the very best perching pictures I’ve taken.

RANGE: “from Maritime provinces of Canada westwards to British Columbia, practically the entire Continental United States, and the majority of Mexico to eastern Oaxaca and Veracruz.[8] The Mockingbird is generally a year-round resident of its range, but the birds that live in the northern portion of its range have been noted further south during the winter season.[7] The bird can most frequently be found in the Southern United States.[6]” – Wikipedia

All six of the remaining photos below are of a single Mockingbird as I followed its path from taking flight off the ground by a Mesquite tree, to a stopover on a branch of a very young Elm tree, to a second flight up into a tall neighboring tree. Photos taken 13 Mar 2012.

DESCRIPTION: “The Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) is a gray, long-tailed bird with white outer tail feathers and white wing patches that flash conspicuously in flight.” – Encyclopedia of Life

HABITAT: “Northern mockingbirds prefer open areas and forest edges. They are commonly found in residential areas, farmlands, roadsides, city parks, open grassy areas with thickets and brushy deserts. They require a tree or higher perch from which they can defend their territories. Northern mockingbirds occupy similar habitat year-round.” – Encyclopedia of Life

With the cool December weather and the leaves gone from the trees, I’m beginning to see lots of birds around this property. I’m hoping to catch more frequent sightings of the Northern Mockingbird once again. I miss their beauty, relative friendliness, and their beautiful and humorous song.

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