Plains Leopard Frog

COMMON NAME: Plains Leopard Frog
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lithobates blairi or Rana blairi

(FYI: I have not yet added all the bio information I intend to add to this post)

This frog leaped out of the pond as I approached. It’s sitting on a bed of leaves under some very young elms, probably hoping it is camouflaged. I’ve seen this frog leap several feet.

To my knowledge, I’ve only spotted 2 Plains Leopard Frogs on my property, each inhabiting one of two of my makeshift frog ponds, along with American Bullfrogs, Blanchard’s Cricket Frogs, Woodhouse’s Toads and Red-Spotted Toads.

The Plains Leopard Frog can grow up to 5 inches long. They like shallow water. They’re nocturnal so they are out at night and hide during the day. They breed March through June. The females lay up to 4000 eggs in shallow water.

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