American Bullfrog

COMMON NAME: American Bullfrog
TECHNICAL NAME: Lithobates catesbeianus
FAMILY: Ranidae

I find that it isn’t easy to snap a picture of an American Bullfrog. Due to the location of my two makeshift, homemade frog ponds, by the time I get close enough to get a look, they see me coming and dive into the tall grass, under water, or behind a rock. But I do manage to quietly and subtly sneak up on them once in awhile.

This one decided to play peek-a-boo with me at the edge of the pond. (23 Jul 2012)

I adore this picture. So cute. It’s like he/she’s just hanging out on the side of the “swimming pool”. You can see his reflection in the water. (21 Sep 2012)

Hanging out in the water on an underwater rock.

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