Evening-Star Rain Lily

The Evening-Star Rain Lily blooms in the evening, usually after a good rain.

Technical Name: Cooperia drummondii (it is also known under a few other names)

Family: Liliaceae

The bud

[Note: Click on any photo to enlarge]

Fully open flower (2 views)
The Rain Lily is native to Texas and surrounding southern states. It blooms mostly in late summer or early fall. It grows from a bulb. Its flower has a light fragrance.

A closing flower (3 views)
The Rain Lily turns pinkish before withering

As you can see, the Rain Lily is a single flower at the end of a long stem. It is usually about 12 inches but can grow to 18 inches tall after flowering.

The Rain Lily attracts certain bees and flies. This one looks like some sort of silver fly, I haven’t yet identified it.

My very favorite bug-in-a-bud is this one. I had my macro lens attached to my camera and intended on just getting a few close-ups of the Rain Lily flower. Only after looking through the lens did I discover a little shopper inside madly gathering up all the pollen it could get.

The little bugger’s looking straight at the camera in this one. Because he’s magnified, you can’t tell that he’s actually very tiny, not noticeable with the naked eye unless you bend down and look closely. Even then you wouldn’t be able to see the detail that you see in this photo.

Just look at all the pollen on this little guy. It looks like he’s swimming in it, and it’s sprinkled all over the petals.

Once it has flowered and withered, the seed pod appears

A closer view

The Rain Lily seed pod after it has popped open and dropped all but one seed

A few websites with some information on this Rain Lily:


Dave’s Garden

Project Noah

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