Lemon Bee Balm or Horse Mint

COMMON NAME: Lemon Bee Balm, Horse Mint, Lemon Mint
TECHNICAL NAME: Monarda citriodora

This is a colorful young Lemon Bee Balm. They grow abundantly across the back of our property.

Lemon Bee Balm has edible flowers and leaves which adds a nice citrus flavor to teas, candies or other foods. It contains minerals and some vitamins.

On this property, depending on rainfall, the plant looks like this around late March

The multi-tiered flower-head starts out green and white

A profile view of a flower-head just beginning to get some color on its bracts

Top view of a young flower-head. Notice the cluster of buds near the top with star-shaped sepals. [You can click on photo to enlarge it]

A more mature flower-head with colorful bract leaves and sporadically-blooming light-colored pinkish-purple flowers. Notice the five tiers. Most flower-heads produce four or five tiers, sometimes less.

A group of Lemon Bee Balms, which often grow among Brown-Eyed Susans. On our property, another common wildflower which grows among them are Indian Paintbrushes (not seen here). Lemon Bee Balms flourish the most between mid-April and mid-May.

Close-up of a flower on the right half of the photo. Notice its irregular shape and the dotted designs on it.

By around mid-June, most all of the Lemon Bee Balm plants look like this (brown and dry).

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