Garden of Eden

If you want to live in the Garden of Eden, get rid of your manicured grass and your store-bought flowers and man-made flower beds and let nature thrive.

Let the wild grasses grow

Let the “weeds” put out their own wildflowers

Let everything go to seed and perpetuate itself

Let the prickly vines weave themselves among their surroundings

Let the brush co-habit with the trees

Let the mice, the moles, the snakes, frogs, toads, lizards, bees, wasps, spiders and ants co-exist with us on the land – along with them come the birds, bunnies and butterflies

Let the leaves lie where they fall and nourish the soil

Let the plants wither and die and return the the earth right where they are

Let the Earth flourish in all its wisdom and beauty

Love and Respect the Earth that produced you, nourishes you, provides for all your needs

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