Antelope Horns

[Clicking on any photo will provide a larger view]

Technical Name: Asclepias asperula

Edible? Many plant experts and enthusiasts say it is poisonous, but that idea came from a single erronious source from long ago. Euell Gibbons mistook Antelope Horns for it’s look-alike Dogbane. Dogbane is very bitter and must endure boiling in 3 changes of water before it can be eaten. Not so with Antelope Horns which can be eaten raw, but one must be careful to identify properly.

Season(s): This year Antelope Horns emerged in mid-spring, died off in early summer, then re-emerged as the weather began to cool in early fall.

This is a young plant with brand new buds emerging. The leaves are long, sturdy, a bit rough, narrow, with the sides bent upward.

Buds that are more mature

Closed, a little open, a little more open, and almost fully open

A close-up of a couple buds

A macro shot of the center a single flower

A typical fully opened flower head, forming a circle, with the flowers snugly together

When the flowers are all gone

Newly formed seed-heads, or “antelope horns”

A more mature seed-head

The horns have popped open, exposing the seeds and the light feathery stuff that will send them floating along with a good breeze


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