Grasshoppers (Mating)

I originally posted this with the thought, knowing nothing about grasshoppers, that the one on top was getting a lift due to a missing leg. They are actually mating.

In the days/weeks to come, I plan to organize my grasshopper photo collection, identify the different species, and post more pics and information.

2 thoughts on “Grasshoppers (Mating)

  1. Like the pic.
    They are “helping” each other, yes, but not because the top one is missing a leg. They're mating.
    Just look how the top one has his abdomen bent towards the bottom one's.
    But I like the term “helping” 😉


  2. Yes, I was naive in my original assessment. I intend on going back and updating many of my silly older posts. I was wondering why the abdomen was in that position, thanks for letting me know.


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