Cut-Leaf Evening Primrose

I began photographing this flower February 22 when it first began blooming.

Ever since then I’ve been trying to figure out what it is and whether it is a Primrose or some other kind of flower. I’ve perused a number of wildflower websites looking for it, and repeatedly browsed through wildflower books. I figured it might be a primrose so I tried looking through plant databases under the appropriate family of plants, but that job was a bit too time-consuming especially since I wasn’t sure if I was even looking in the proper family.

Finally I had a breakthrough while looking in the Botany section at Half-Price Books. Sitting there on the shelf were 3 copies of a Texas wildflower book, among a number of other similar books. Words can’t express how elated I felt at finally finding it, confirming it as a primrose, and knowing its name. Out of the dozen or so flowers I have yet to identify, this is the one I was wanting to figure out the most.

Here’s a picture with the flower more extended, where you can make out the heart shape of the petals. There is also a view of the leaves and a young bud. This was taken 4-17-12.

This picture shows what I assume are the ‘fruit’ that appear after the flowering stage. This is what most of these plants are looking like today, although there are still some new plants that are flowering. This photo was taken 4-24-12.

The name of the wildflower book that identified this plant escapes my memory. I hope it’s still there next week, I’d like to go ahead and purchase it this time, along with a Texas insect booked that looked like it contained many of the insects I see on this property.

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