Turkey Vulture Bullying Awareness

I was out walking this morning when I became appalled and highly offended at the bullying episode I witnessed.

First I saw what I thought was a perfectly innocent, well-meaning turkey vulture coming in to join what I assumed was his friend on the electric pole.

But rather than behaving in a polite manner, this arriving vulture told the other one that he was taking over this rest area for himself. I think I actually heard him say “get the hell outta my way Poindexter”!

Being a kind, gentle soul, Poindexter moved over to make plenty of room for Biff.

But nooo…Biff wasn’t having any of that, he wanted the entire rest area all to himself, so he threatened to push Poindexter off if he didn’t leave.

Poindexter said “Ok, ok, I’m going… geez!”

As Poindexter flew off I remember thinking how much I hope he enrolls in one of those ‘Fly Kwon Do’ classes so that he can learn to ‘perch his ground’ next time and stand up to mean old bullies such as Biff.

In the meantime, Biff and others like him can continue to bully others off their perches all they want. That’s where you come in. Help spread Turkey Vulture Bullying Awareness. With your help it’s possible to put an end to this type of behavior.

Thank You

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