Solenopsis Fire Ant

Well, I’m not real sure if I’m identifying this ant accurately. There are about 210 species of ants in Texas. I looked on the web and found a picture of Solenopsis Fire Ants and I thought it looked like the ones in my pictures. I do know that ours are some kind of fire ant because I’ve suffered the consequences of accidentally standing on their home many times.

This was about the best picture I was able to snap that day with my macro lens. I was using auto-focus and it didn’t quite want to focus on what I wanted to. But, I think the picture is clear enough until I get better ones.

I notice that their nest consists of a few holes in the ground rather than a mound like others I’ve seen.


The picture I found on the web that I used to identify these ants is at the website Myrmecos (click here)

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