Canine Hunting Heaven

This is a common sight around our property these days. The dogs love rooting around, hunting, sniffing, etc. They get to do some activities that they are naturally hard-wired to do. Since much of our acre is either grown about this tall, give or take, along with little patches of woods and thickets here and there, they seem to be having a good time outside.

We are fenced in with mostly range fence and some chain link. Since small animals are able to come and go, the dogs have been able to do a fair amount of successful hunting, mostly rabbits and rodents. They also like to chase lizards. Once a raccoon made its way in and didn’t make it out, as well as a cat. Some cats and bunnies have managed to escape just in the nick of time. The cat in the picture was under our porch a couple months back, then got chased up a big oak after it came out. It didn’t leave that tree until sometime during the night.

When the hunt is over, they love finding a nice cool spot under some small trees or amongst the tall weeds and grasses.

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