Happy Hindsight

When we moved to this property in the fall of ’07, it was my desire to save up some money for gardening and landscaping so that we could till away all the weeds and perhaps replace it all with sod. In my mind, I envisioned an acre of uniform, mowed, uninterrupted grass except for ideally-spaced trees and the occasional manufactured flower bed or vegetable garden plot. I soon went to work hacking out all the prickly pears out back and mowing and weed-eating just about anything more than a few inches tall.

In hindsight, it’s been a blessing that we have been unable to make gardening/landscaping projects a priority. Instead, I was required to work with whatever resources already existed on the property, unable to purchase gardening supplies, sod, plants, soil, mulch, etc.

In 2010, with the abundant winter precipitation and ensuing wildflower population, I couldn’t bring myself to mow/weed-eat everything down. I left several large patches of ground untouched. I was so delighted with the splendor and beauty of everything that grew, that I decided to to never mow everything down again.

With the drought of 2011, I was sorely disappointed that I didn’t get to experience the joy of abundant growth as I had the year before. It got so hot and dry that our entire acre became almost nothing but bare sandy dirt.

Now in 2012, we have been showered with an abundance of rain again, and this time I have decided to mow down nothing but pathways to walk through the beautiful patches of greens, wildflowers and beautiful tall grasses.

What is the reward of foregoing the status quo of a short, uniform, neatly manicured lawn??

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