Texas Brown Snake

COMMON NAME — Texas Brown Snake
SCIENTIFIC NAME — Storeria dekayi texana
FAMILY — Colubridae
ORDER — Squamata

A Texas Brown Snake, also called Dekay's Brown Snake, among some leaf litter ion the ground in our mostly closed-in carport.

Texas Brown Snake. 19 Mar 2012. Click to enlarge.

Also called Dekay’s Brownsnake, this is the only time I’ve spotted one on the acre. I originally thought it was a juvenile, but further online investigation shows that it is a small snake and adults are typically about 12 inches long.

Not seeing it at first in our old, mostly enclosed & shady carport among the leaf litter, I nearly stepped on it when it moved and became exposed. I happened to be carrying my camera (with macro lens) and snapped a shot. Surely it would have been gone from the spot had I needed to first go into the house to grab the camera.

A Few Details About This Species:

Southern Minnesota to the eastern half of Texas to northern Mexico

Moist woodlands under logs and bark. In urban areas in gardens and flower beds, and also under old pieces of roofing or linoleum in backyards and vacant lots

Primarily slugs and earthworms, but also insects, spiders and cricket frogs (genus Acris)

Other Interesting Tidbits:
Females bear 3-15 live young in August and early September, which emerge in a fine tissue sac, which after bursting remains attached to the ventrum (belly) but is quickly shed.

More Information About This Species At:

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— Herps of Texas
Austin Reptile Service

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