A Beginner Forager’s Harvest

For years I’ve been wanting to learn how to identify plants, learn which ones are edible, and get into a regular practice of harvesting and eating wild foods. I’m not quite sure why my past attempts have not been successful. I think because the few identification and/or foraging books I’ve tried were those which covered very large regions containing just a couple plants from my area, as well as pictures or drawings which were not detailed enough to help me be sure of what I was looking at.

I gave up for quite awhile figuring that someday I would figure things out. I guess now is the time. I’m pleased to find that there are a number of very good identification books and websites for my area that seem to cover a great deal of what grows on and around my property. In contrast to my past failings, I now find myself having so much information on the plants around me that I can’t keep up. Not only that, but I’ve quickly learned about several edible plants that are thriving right now outside my house. This long-time wanna-be is in plant heaven.

To give just a sampling of my new wild edibles practice, here are 3 items I’ve been harvesting to add to my salads the past few days:

REDBUD FLOWERS – contains vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants

STORK’S BILL LEAVES – has a parsley-like taste

HENBIT LEAVES/STEMS – contains vitamins, iron and anti-oxidants

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