Tiny But Not Overlooked

This post showcases my little winter wildflowers. Each flower (the flower itself) can fit about a half dozen or more to the surface of a dime. They are magnified in this picture using a macro lens. If I didn’t magnify them, you wouldn’t be able to see anything but a little splash of color.

I think this one has an amazing design. The stamens are very pretty in addition the the petals, but the star-shaped leaves behind are beautiful and interesting-looking. I love how the buds jut out from below.

This is a very interesting wreath of flowers, with a very interesting centerpiece.

This flower grows low to the ground. It’s so tiny that it’s easy to miss if you don’t give the ground a good looking over.

These are delicate little flowers. With the naked eye I can’t see anything but little white splotches

This is one of my favorites and they are growing all over the place. One of these can have just one flower popping out, or some have about a dozen of them. Again, very tiny flowers that you can barely see without magnification.

And finally, there is this beauty. I love the heart shapes that come with them. I wasn’t able yet to get a clearer picture, the lighting wasn’t good on the best ones. I may replace this photo with a better one.

Update May 4, 2012
Back when I wrote this, I didn’t know the names of hardly anything that grows on this property. It shows in what little I was able to say about them.

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