Rebel Without A Mower

Yes, I used to be one of you, callously and ruthlessly mowing down any grasses and native plants that dared hover over a couple inches tall. Yeah, I’ll admit it… when I first stopped mowing, at first I felt guilty. I could just hear the comments from all the compliant mowers out there:

“Oh, look at their property, they’re too lazy to mow”

“Ew, they’re letting the weeds grow”

“Look how tall that grass is, they should be ashamed of themselves”

“Tsk, how could they?”

But once those big grasses began growing tall, and those wild weeds began shooting up, and those beautiful natural blooms began bursting forth, I was in love. If loving weeds is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Good riddance to loud, smelly, gas-powered plant-destroying equipment.

Hello to thick, soft, greenness with splashes of gorgeous color.

Good-bye to unhealthy, unprotected soil from overexposure and rainwater run-off, and windy dust storms.

Hello to a rich eco-system which is able to hold in water and nutrients, and the soil itself.

Good-bye to a high-maintenance wasteland, mostly devoid of habitat and wildlife.

Hello to a lush, easy-to-nurture natural botanical garden with dozens of varieties of grasses and wildflowers. Hello to the healthful & interesting wildlife they attract and accommodate.

Good-bye to pesticides and herbicides, whether petro-chemical or natural.

Hello to all the creatures who naturally belong in this environment.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a rebel. I won’t mow, and you can’t make me.

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