About This Blog

This blog is about my 1-acre property in North Central Texas, about my desire to grow a forest in the back where it used to be nothing but overgrown dead grasses and prickly pears, so dense you couldn’t walk through it.

It’s also about my desire to nurture the many dozens of native weeds and wildflowers, about giving little wild critters a place to hide and live and eat, about advancing to the point where this black thumb (me) can grow most of the food for our household, about nurturing a natural playground for our 5 dogs, about providing natural shade for our house and gardens, about becoming as independently sustainable as possible.

This blog is for posting pictures of native plants, flowers, grasses trees, gardens, wild critters, as well as progress from a mowed & weed-eated wasteland to a jungle, complete with meandering walking paths, small ponds, and an enormous growth of green stuff and flowers, and all the insects and little critters to inhabit it all.

This blog is about keeping a running update of the flourishing wild things here at the Hoffman Haven.

We are not Habitat for Humanity, but we are Humanity for Habitat.

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